No less than 11 studio lights to give life to the Jungle. Relatively small sets like this are a study in minutia. How much relevant Tiki stuff can be crammed into one photo: flaming drink, check, idol heads in the foreground, check, name of the Tiki joint prominently displayed, check, big idol in the background lit from below to look ominous, check, colorful lights to match the available light, check, requisite flower-in-the-hair, check, people with engaging looks (you at the Jungle Bird) check, colorful, fun tropical clothes, check. So these are your building blocks. Stir, mix, pour on the rocks and serve it up as a slice-of-life at the coolest Tiki Bar since the Zombi Hut. My kudos to Tyler and his staff for doing such a great job with the Bird. Less than a year in operation, but it looks straight out of the Trader Vic's design book.